Transport and Expediting

The modern means of transport available to GRAND TRANS enables us to provide incident-free transportation to our customers. Consisting of the most modern and reliable cars - certified EURO 6 and EURO 5 - clients may choose from a wide range of semi-customized trailers suit each type of cargo.

We specialize in transport by cargo space ‘Mega’ semitrailers with a storage-space height of 3m, as well as sliding rear pillars:
- ‘COILMULDA’ steel coils semitrailers are available.
- the transport of aluminum, building materials, food, alcohol, elektorniki


Trailer with mounted Forklift

Grandtrans provides 13,6m ‘Mega’ semi-trailers with suspended all-wheel drive fork lifts so that loading and unloading is possible even on soft ground, right to the customer's door.

Our ‘Mega’ trailers with mounted forklifts can be found weekly on the Poland - Belgium - Poland route.

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The transport of ADR:

Due to exacting standards and requirements, the transport of ADRs is never an easy undertaking. The specificity and the risks associated with the carriage of hazardous materials mean that this difficult task should only be undertaken by well-prepared transport companies.

GRAND-TRANS has been successfully engaged in the carriage of ADRs. Our drivers are well-trained and certified; our cars are properly prepared with the appropriate markings and our equipment can meet all the requirements specified by a number of provisions, both international and national.

Final Details:

We accept both FTL and LTL orders.
We have OCP in the amount of 1 million eur.
We offer transportation to and from:

Great Britain
Czech Republic


The professional execution of orders received transport is possible thanks to:

- The continued availability of rolling stock,
- Quick reaction on order
- The high flexibility of the company
- the experience of the crew.

We invite you to cooperation.

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